Youth Leader Laurie Wallin


Hello, I am Laurie, and I’m excited to work with CMC’s Echo Youth!

I came to faith as a high school freshman at a youth group, and have 25 years experience working with youth and families. I’ve worked with inner city and summer camp programs, and with both middle and high school students as an educator in the public schools. Fourteen years ago I became a mom to my oldest two children, who introduced me to the world of caregiving and disability. Then my younger two children came along, and teach me (daily!) that every child faces a breadth of joys and challenges. Raising my four children opened doors for writing books and blogs as a life coach, coaching parents worldwide, and cultivated a desire to invest in the lives of youth in our local community.

It’s an honor to partner with CMC’s families to help our youth engage God’s word in meaningful and fun ways so they can echo God’s love and light in their families, friendships, and throughout our world.